Brembo Rebuilding

We are thrilled to provide an all in one solution to your Brembo,performance and stock brakes. From just powder and a new look, to a full out overhaul. Brightside has the tools, the experience, resources and parts for your rebuild and refinishing needs. Brightside carries most common sizes of Brembo seals, boots, and other rebuild parts, in stock. Should we need parts for your caliper, ask us for availability.

The caliper is completely disassembled. Seals, boots, and all hardware are cleaned and stored. The calipers are stripped of paint, then sand blasted. Bores polished, threads chased, flat surfaces honed, and oil holes reamed clean.









After masking, the brakes get primer and/or a coat of powder.

They are then assembled with the clean hardware, while keeping the bores and remaining holes masked and plugged. They are torqued to spec using thread lock, then left to sit until the thread lock is cured.

We then make new decals in house to the color of the customers choice. After they are applied to the calipers, they are then cleaned up, and get a coat of clear powder on everything, protecting the hardware, the decal, and the first coat of powder for extra longevity.

The result is a finish that is better than OEM, and will out last OEM under some of the harshest conditions. The best part is the have been completely customized to your request!